Contoh Cerita Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Singkat dan Seru

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  • Des 19, 2023
Contoh Cerita Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Singkat dan Seru

Menulis cerita dongeng bahasa Inggris tentu bukanlah hal yang mudah. Selain harus memikirkan ide dan alur ceritanya, penulis juga harus memikirkan penulisan cerita di setiap kalimatnya.

Nah, bagi kamu yang sedang belajar menulis cerita dongeng dalam bahasa Inggris, kamu bisa lihat beberapa contoh cerita dongeng bahasa Inggris di artikel ini. Sudah saya tuliskan beberapa judul cerita yang seru dan menarik.

1. The Little Mermaid

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful mermaid named Ariel who lived in the sea. She had long, flowing hair, a sparkling tail, and a kind heart. Ariel loved to explore the ocean and learn about all the different creatures that lived there.

One day, Ariel was swimming near the surface of the water when she saw a handsome prince. He was sailing on a ship with his friends, and he was singing a beautiful song. Ariel was immediately smitten with the prince, and she dreamed of one day being with him.

Ariel knew that she could never be with the prince unless she became human. She spoke to her friend, the sea witch Ursula, who offered to help her. Ursula gave Ariel a potion that would turn her human for three days. However, there was a catch. If Ariel didn’t kiss the prince and win his love within those three days, she would belong to Ursula forever.

Ariel agreed to Ursula’s deal, and she drank the potion. She immediately transformed into a beautiful human woman. Ariel swam to the surface of the water and found the prince’s ship. She met the prince, and they fell in love.

The prince and Ariel spent the next three days together, and they were very happy. However, the prince’s father, the king, did not approve of Ariel. He wanted his son to marry a human princess.

On the third day, the prince was about to kiss Ariel when he saw his human girlfriend, who had come to find him. The prince was confused, and he didn’t know who to choose.

Ariel realized that she would never win the prince’s love if she stayed human. She swam away, and Ursula took her back to the sea.

Ariel was heartbroken, but she knew that she had done the right thing. She would rather be a mermaid than belong to Ursula.

Ariel returned to her father, the king of the sea. He was angry at first, but he eventually forgave her. Ariel was happy to be back home, and she knew that she would one day find her true love.

The End

Pesan Moral:

  • Cinta sejati tidak mengenal batas.
  • Kebaikan selalu menang melawan kejahatan.
  • Penting untuk tetap setia pada diri sendiri, bahkan ketika menghadapi kesulitan.

2. The Tortoise and the Hare

Once upon a time, there was a tortoise and a hare who were always arguing about who was faster. The hare was always bragging about how fast he could run, while the tortoise was always saying that he was just as fast.

One day, they decided to have a race to see who was really faster. The hare started off quickly, and he soon left the tortoise far behind. The tortoise was not worried, though. He knew that he was a slow starter, but he also knew that he could keep going for a long time.

The hare, meanwhile, was getting tired. He had been running so fast that he had not taken a break. He decided to take a nap under a tree, thinking that he would easily win the race when he woke up.

The tortoise kept going, slowly but surely. He did not stop to rest, and he did not give up. He just kept going, one step at a time.

When the hare woke up, he saw that the tortoise was already close to the finish line. The hare started running as fast as he could, but it was too late. The tortoise crossed the finish line first, and he won the race.

The hare was very disappointed, but he learned his lesson. He realized that it is not always the fastest who wins, but the one who keeps going until the end.

The End

Pesan Moral:

  • Kerja keras dan ketekunan akan membuahkan hasil.
  • Jangan pernah menyerah, bahkan ketika menghadapi rintangan.
  • Jangan meremehkan orang lain, karena siapa pun bisa menang.

3. The Wishing Waterfall

Deep within a hidden forest, nestled between towering trees and sun-dappled ferns, lay a secret waterfall. Its crystal-clear waters cascaded down mossy rocks, shimmering with an otherworldly glow. This was no ordinary waterfall; it was a wishing waterfall, whispered to grant the deepest desires of those who dared to dream.

Enter Elara, a young girl with eyes as bright as emeralds and a spirit as wild as the wind. Ever since she was a child, she’d heard tales of the wishing waterfall, stories of wishes whispered on the wind and dreams blooming into reality. But Elara wasn’t one for mere stories; she longed to experience the magic herself.

One starlit night, Elara made her way through the whispering woods, guided only by the moonbeams and the murmur of the hidden stream. She followed the water’s melody until she stumbled upon the magnificent waterfall, its spray painting rainbows in the moonlight. Taking a deep breath, Elara closed her eyes and whispered her wish. It wasn’t for riches or fame, but for something far more precious – a friend, a kindred spirit to share her adventures with.

As the last echo of her wish faded, the air shimmered and danced. From the mist swirling around the waterfall emerged a creature unlike any Elara had ever seen. It was a tiny, fluffy dragonet, its scales shimmering with the colors of the aurora borealis. Its eyes, like molten gold, met Elara’s, and a spark of understanding, of friendship, ignited between them.

Elara named her new friend Lumi, and together they embarked on a whirlwind adventure. They soared through the clouds on Lumi’s back, their laughter echoing through the valleys. They explored hidden meadows bursting with bioluminescent flora, whispered secrets to fireflies who lit their way, and danced with mischievous sprites under the canopy of stars.

Their journey wasn’t without challenges. They encountered grumpy gnomes guarding secret paths, grumpy griffins who hoarded glittering pebbles, and mischievous pixies who loved to play tricks. But with Elara’s courage and Lumi’s fire, they overcame every obstacle, their bond growing stronger with each shared laugh and whispered tale.

But as the days turned into weeks, a pang of longing tugged at Elara’s heart. She missed her home, her family, the warmth of a crackling fire in the hearth. Sharing a tearful goodbye with Lumi, Elara returned to her village, forever changed by her magical adventure.

Back in the familiar world, Elara carried a piece of the wishing waterfall with her – the memory of friendship, the courage to dream, and the belief that even the wildest wishes can bloom into reality. And sometimes, on quiet nights, when the moon paints silver streaks across the sky, Elara can almost hear the whisper of the waterfall, reminding her that the magic she found in the hidden forest will always be a part of her, waiting just beyond the next bend in the path.

The End

4. The Melody of the Moonstone

Setting: Once upon a time, in a land where music danced in the air and every creature hummed a secret tune, lived a young woodcutter named Lyra. With eyes the color of twilight and hair like spun moonlight, Lyra possessed a voice that could melt the frost from winter’s grasp and coax flowers to bloom in the harshest deserts.

Conflict: Yet, Lyra’s gift was also her curse. For in this land, ruled by the tyrannical Maestro who hoarded all the world’s melodies, music was forbidden to common folk. Anyone caught singing faced the Maestro’s fearsome wolfhounds, creatures whose howls could silence even the bravest soul.

Magical Item: One moonlit night, while chopping wood in the whispering forest, Lyra stumbled upon a shimmering moonstone nestled among the roots of an ancient oak. Drawn to its ethereal glow, she held it close, and a melody, pure and ancient, flowed into her heart. It was a song of forgotten freedom, of rivers brimming with laughter and birdsong echoing through sun-dappled meadows.

Quest: Lyra knew she had to share this melody with the world, to rekindle the spark of music that the Maestro had so cruelly extinguished. But how could a simple woodcutter defy a tyrant who controlled the very essence of sound?

Helping Character: Guided by the moonstone’s luminescence, Lyra ventured deep into the forest, where she encountered a wise old owl named Hootbert. Hootbert, his feathers ruffled by the weight of the Maestro’s oppression, pledged to help Lyra. Together, they devised a plan to spread the melody, not through voice, but through the whispers of the wind, the rustling of leaves, the patter of rain – a symphony woven from the very fabric of nature itself.

Challenges and Obstacles: As Lyra and Hootbert spread the melody through the land, the Maestro’s wolfhounds grew restless. They tracked the music’s faint echoes, their howls tearing through the silence, trying to snuff out the spark of rebellion. Lyra and Hootbert had to be as cunning as foxes and as silent as shadows, leading the wolfhounds on merry chases through hidden paths and tangled undergrowth.

Climax: Finally, under the watchful gaze of a full moon, Lyra stood before the Maestro’s towering palace. Taking a deep breath, she raised the moonstone and let the melody surge forth. It pulsed through the air, weaving through the palace walls, and filling the hearts of the Maestro’s guards with a longing they couldn’t suppress.

Slowly, one by one, the guards began to hum. Their gruff voices, softened by the melody, rose in a tentative chorus. The wolfhounds whined, their ferocious growls transforming into mournful howls. Even the Maestro, his face contorted in rage, couldn’t help but tap his foot to the rhythm.

Resolution: In that moment, the dam broke. Music, pent up for so long, flooded the land. People emerged from their homes, tears streaming down their faces as they sang and danced. The Maestro, defeated by the sheer power of collective joy, slunk away, his grip on the world’s music broken forever.

Epilogue: Lyra became a beacon of hope, her voice inspiring a land reborn in song. With Hootbert at her side, she traveled from village to village, sharing the melody and teaching others to listen to the music that lived within them. And so, the land once shrouded in silence blossomed into a symphony of voices, each unique and beautiful, forever echoing the legacy of the girl who dared to sing under the moonlit sky.

I hope you enjoyed this musical adventure! Let me know if you’d like to hear more about Lyra and Hootbert’s future journeys, or if you have another fairytale request for me.

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